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Bow Tie Creamery is an Ogden local, small batch ice cream shop. We are a family owned business and are determined in our quest to find creamy perfection. We're excited to bring our passion for ice cream to you.


We make our ice cream with the simple equation that if you put in the best ingredients, you get out the best ice cream. The ingredients we use are all of the highest quality to ensure we give you the best tasting ice cream you've ever had.

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Small Batch

What does "Small Batch" mean?

It means that we make each batch of ice cream in small quantities with fresh ingredients. Our ice cream is made in batch sizes of six quarts or less each time. First, ice cream ingredients are combined by hand in a batch freezer. Second, we use temperature and speed controls to get our ice cream to just the right consistency and flavor. We take pride in how we make our ice cream and strive to bring the greatest quality to you!